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Housing Help
Our housing help program works with youth, families, newcomers and seniors who are homeless, under-housed and/or at risk of losing their housing.

Here are some of the services our housing counsellors offer:

  • Determine your housing needs
  • Assist with TCHC housing applications and access to private market housing
  • Work with you to resolve arrears for your utilities
  • Advocate on your behalf and mediate when issues arise with your housing
  • Connect you to other services in your community
  • Follow up contact on a monthly basis
  • Facilitate workshops about the Housing Help program in the community
  • Outreach to landlords to increase pool of available housing
  • Please note that meetings are primarily by appointment only


Our housing counsellors host a drop-in program each Tuesday morning from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. This is an opportunity for clients to come in and fill out housing applications with staff and book follow-up appointments. Bringing government-issued identification will help us to serve you better.

Rent Bank
Our rent bank program works with households that are at risk of losing their housing due to rental arrears. We send all applications to Neighbourhood Information Post for processing.

Our rent bank worker will:

  • Interview and assess clients looking for rent bank support
  • Process client applications for loans from the Central Administration Office at the City of Toronto
  • Provide information on tenants rights and responsibilities and mediate when landlord and tenants issues arise
  • Maintain contact with clients regarding their rent bank loans and repayment schedules
  • Facilitate financial literacy training
  • Promote the program to landlords to encourage referrals of clients

Streets to Homes
Our Streets to Homes program works with clients that were previously living outside and have more recently been housed in the Scarborough community.

Our workers provide the following services:

  • Follow-up support through telephone contact and home visits to help people to stay housed
  • Case management via goal setting and identification of issues that affect housing, including social isolation, mental health, substance use and others
  • Connect clients to other community services
  • Mediate issues between clients and housing providers
  • Outreach to landlords, support workers and other community agencies
  • Monthly check-ins with landlords to ensure that no rental arrears exist

Utilities Program

The Toronto Utilities Program Fund provides grants to low-income households that have accrued arrears with Toronto Hydro Electric System and Enbridge Gas Distribution.

Our agency is the Local Access Centre in Scarborough for this program. Our housing counsellors meet with clients to determine their eligibility for grants and submit completed applications to the Central Administration Office for approval.

For more information about eligibility criteria or general information about this program, please contact our office.

Hot Breakfast

This program serves clients at risk of homelessness and operates on a weekly basis during the winter season. Those attending the program are provided a nutritious breakfast and are offered information about other services we offer.

Come and enjoy a hot breakfast along a good social time!

Trusteeship Services in Scarborough

This project is a partnership between Neighbourhood Information Post (NIP) and Scarborough Housing Help Centre (SHHC) to offer Trusteeship and Money Management Services to individuals living east of Yonge Street in the City of Toronto fulfilling the following conditions- clients who are homeless, at risk of homelessness or precariously housed. The target population consists of individuals who need assistance in stabilizing their housing situation/preventing eviction, and supports in acquiring money management skills to maintain housing and establish independent living. Project participants are recruited through outreach, pre-screening and interviewing.

Connections with important stakeholders including landlords, employers and creditors will be established for the selected project participants. The purpose of this project is to customize individualized packages of money management services to assist these individuals in moving towards greater financial independence and housing stability. The overall goal for the project is to help participants preserve stable housing (free from rental arrears/risk of eviction), and report improved skills and confidence in managing their own finances after being in the project until they develop the financial capacity and knowledge to be independent.

Housing Newcomers to Canada in the York Region

Since 2011, SHHC has been a member agency of the United Way of York Region and has helped Newcomers to Canada settle and access habitable and appropriate housing in the Region of York. SHHC appreciates and is grateful to he United Way of York Region’s progressive definition of “newcomer” as being anybody in Canada with s less than ten years of residency in Canada).

The process of housing utilizes a case management approach that consists of multiple prongs including assessments, education to inculcate awareness of rights and responsibilities, landlord recruitment and follow up support for up to 3 months till landlord-tenant relationships have stabilized. SHHC utilizes a unique database to match landlords and tenants based on family needs and affordability– SHHC continuously recruits landlords with suitable rental units and advises potential landlords on how to improve the habitability of their rental units where appropriate.
Since 2014, SHHC has been offering programming throughout the Region of York with a focus on the Welcome Centres in York – Markham South, Richmond Hill, Vaughan and Newmarket Welcome Centres.

Housing Help Services for Members of Low and Middle Income Families in York Region
Since 2013, The Region of York has funded SHHC to offer a program targeting members of the Low and Middle Class Families in the Region of York access habitable housing and retain the same. The higher cut offs for Low and Middle Income Families ( with four members) are $ 30,000 and $ 70,000/annum respectively.

Over the years, SHHC has come to specialize in serving families of limited financial means who are further encumbered by cultural and linguistic barriers. SHHC works with landlords and tenants to create awareness of rights and responsibilities through information sessions and uses a case management approach to allow clients ( with special reference to newcomer immigrants to Canada) to access suitable housing and retain the same through close follow up and mediation where necessary.
This project utilized an unusual facet of service unique to SHHC’s services- the idea of viewing both tenants and landlords as clients and providing follow up support to both sides to stabilize relationships. The actual process of matching landlords and tenants is preceded by our encouraging both parties to attend information sessions emphasizing the rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants, processes to be followed when differences arise followed by evictions processes and community resources to turn to for preserving housing and tenancies.

SHHC originally provided this service in the Southern Part of the York Region but has now expanded throughout the Region of York, from Markham in the South to Newmarket in the North and Vaughan in the West.

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